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Yongkang Juxiang Vehicle Co., Ltd.
Add.: No.18, Qingliu Road, No.3 Xiangzhu Industrial Park, Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province
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     Yongkang Juxiang Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a self-run export enterprise. It is specialized in the design and manufacture of medium and high-grade lithium battery electric bicycles and carbon fiber bicycles. Its products are exported to Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Sweden, England, etc.
     Founded in 1996, the company is located in Xiangzhu Industrial Park, Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province. It has wide production line and experience in global market operation, attaches importance to internal management, completely adopts global leading ISO9001 Quality Management System, strictly controls and selects spare parts with outstanding quality, and forges the operation mode adhering to the philosophy of “Quality Product, Glory”. We advocate promoting the quality of our products through the quality of people and perfect the inner defects of oneself through product quality to finally achieve great products and great character. “Sincere Character, High Quality” is the core pursuit of Juxiang Culture.

     Now the company has a floor area of 10,000 square meters, 80 professional experienced manufacture staff, several experts and engineers in the electric car industry. Through continuous deepening and learning, the products of the company have successively passed national production quality license, export quality license, CE, EN15194, ISO9001:2008 and other internal standard systems approved by SGS; it has also applied for 9 national utility patents.
    The company is a capable enterprise, and its staff and management group are formed by the most intelligent and capable ones in the industry. Our employees are dedicated and responsible and proud of the company. The noble spirit of staff is the core of “Juxiang Temperament”. We are in an industry with fierce competition, however, we believe that the company, serving as the leader in terms of environmental protection, safety and fashion in the electric vehicle industry, will definitely survive and expand during competition on reliance of its perseverance and strictness.